Benjie Bellamy

(Joey Scott)


The Bellamys lived across the street from the Cleavers and Beaver would occasionally baby-sit Benjie. Played by Joey Scott, Benjie appeared as a kindergartner in "Child Care" where he gets locked in the Cleaver's upstairs bathroom with a little girl named Puddin'.

In "Garage Painters" he pours a whole bucket of green paint all over himself. In "Beaver, The Magician", Beaver convinces Benjie that he (Beaver) has changed himself into a rock. Benjie is afraid of the Tooth Fairy and talks to ants. And in "Beaver's Old Friend" Benjie has the measles and Beaver gives Benjie his favorite teddy bear "Billy" to cheer him up. Benjie eats a handful of pigeon food in "Beaver's Pigeons" and would eat dirt from their flowerbed.