Eddie Haskell

(Ken Osmond)


Eddie Haskell was played by Ken Osmond. Volumes could be written on Eddie Haskell but I'll try to keep it brief. Although he was in many, many episodes, his first appearance was in "New Neighbors", seven weeks into the series. A glimpse in Eddie's room gives us a bit of insight as to what state Mayfield may be located in, as he has a pennant on the wall that reads "Ohio State." In the eighth grade Eddie says that his name is Edward Clark Haskell Jr. and he is 12 1/2 yrs. old in "Lonesome Beaver" (Which is interesting as his Father's name is George, then Frank in one episode and later George again). His Mother is Agnes Haskell. By the time he is thirteen, Eddie's been to five different summer camps in "Boarding School."

He has a genuine police dog named Wolf. Eddie has known Wally since second grade. Eddie aspires to attend Anapolis, and later in "Beaver Becomes A Hero" it's M.I.T. In the 9th grade Eddie starts the fad of wearing a "Jellyroll" haircut. He got his letter in basketball as the manager because the real manager had the mumps, later Eddie has the mumps in "Beaver's House Guest."
father owns his own garage and Eddie worked for a time there in "Wally's Election." Eddie nominated Wally for tenth grade class president. Once when an eighth grader named Clyde Bonnifield was throwing rotten apples at Beaver and Larry, Eddie made Clyde eat a whole rotten apple. Eddie calls his parents by their first names in "The Spot Removers." Eddie's dates have included:

Belinda McGowan

(She went to the show with Eddie and Wally in "Beaver's Big Contest.")

Christine Staples

(you might remember that she was played by Marta Kristen aka
Judy Robinson from Lost In Space. Christine throws a party in "Wally And Dudley.")

Carolyn Schuster

(she only sees Eddie while her real boyfriend, Freddie Pryor is on restriction in "Eddie's Double-Cross.")

Dottie Donovan

(Wally and Julie Foster double with Eddie and Dottie to see Sparticus in "Teacher's Daughter.")

Cindy Andrews

(in "Eddie's Sweater" Cindy knits Eddie a sweater for his birthday and uses Wally as the model. Eddie gets wind of Wally seeing his girl every night and pops him one in the chin.)

Carolyn Schuster says Eddie has blue eyes and she calls him "Peachy". When he was in kindergarten his baby sitter gave him a perm. In two different episodes we discover that Eddie lives at 531 Grant Ave. Eddie is the manager of the track team in high school. Although he seems to be poor at most sports, Eddie does very well at tennis and handball. When it came time to get his drivers license, Eddie had to take the written test three times. When Eddie gets a gasoline credit card it says: Edward W. Haskell, 175 Grant Ave. Later he refers to himself as Edward W. Haskell. Eddie once had a job driving a truck for a diaper service. In "The Perfect Father" Eddie is allergic to mayonnaise. Eddie takes music lessons in "Wally's Job." His favorite desert is chocolate pudding in "One Of The Boys." His score on the english test in "Teacher's Daughter" was "C+" Eddie appeared in "Wally's New Suit" but got no credit.