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Stanley "Whitey" Fafara's Obit


In 1957 on October 4 the American viewing public was introduced to a young boy, his big brother and their parents. The family turned out to be what every family in the U.S. wanted; innocence, respectability and a bit of adventure. The characters were believable and the situations were real. So began the six season run of Leave It To Beaver. Since then it has been in syndicated reruns and still maintains a substantial veiwing audience. TV Guide reported that now, with the satellite dish, we can watch Leave It To Beaver 24 hours a day. And though that may be true some consider that to be an excess (I agree) and even a self-proclaimed TV junkie like Weird Al Yankovic thinks that to do so one would "Dare To Be Stupid" and has said so in that very song. Yet there is still a strong desire among the teeming millions to escape back to that era and relive some favorite episode with Beaver and Larry, Wally and Eddie, Ward and June and all the others that brought us a warm feeling . So sit back and click on whatever interests you and learn some things that you may never have known before.

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