Jeri Weil
Judy Hensler


Have you wondered what ever happened to Judy, the little girl who gave Beaver such a hard time? When I first met Jerry Mathers in 1982, I asked him about Jeri Weil and he told me what a friendly person she was. He said that he would run into her now and then and she was always upbeat and smiling. I had never met her so I guess I was taking all that at face value. But after she E-Mailed me and we wrote back and forth to each other a few times, I see that what Jerry said is really true. I asked her to say a few words about her life and she was happy to oblige.


Here is what Jeri Weil is doing these days in her own words:


"I am a successful realtor in Los Angeles, Ca. But as we speak, I am looking for a publisher, to publish a 3 book set of semi-autobiographical books about my life. They will be funny, as my life has been, and continues to be, one long strange trip! I'm loving it!! It's almost like my life is in rewind and I am returning to my happy days as a young Hippy in 1969!! It seems everything in my life is cyclical and I continue to go round and around and it gets weirder and more wondeful with each passing day! I travel extensively, one of my passions, along with being a scavenger of antiques!!! My books will follow my life through the cars I've owned, which is only 3. My cars have been a '61 Red MG Roadster (that was Mellow Yellow) I just called her "Mellow." Next came a turquoise '73 Super Beatle Convertible, her name is Lilli, and I am her original owner and still own her! ... And my newest car is a sexy and sleek 2001 Audi Avant 2.8 wagon for my antiques and flowers. I am an avid gardener and love my garden, which I keep organic. Being a Taurus, I love Mother Earth and care for her gently. I am an old Hippy, and as you say, I am extremely young at heart. My life has became an amazing set of incredible coincidences. And I'm loving each new day!!! It's fun. Wish me luck with my new endeavors, but trust me, one way or the other, I will make this happen!!!! Jeri"

She graciously sent these pictures along. They're from the mid-eighties.


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