June Evelyn Cleaver

(Barbara Billingsley)

Born June Evelyn Bronson, June was a student of Cornelia Rayburn. She says in "The Shave" that she was the last in her class to get high heels. When she was still living with her parents she wanted to buy an opal ring from a store called Sutter's with money she had saved but her father made her use it to buy galoshes in "Beaver's Sweater." Like Ward, June has been to college in "Teacher Comes To Dinner." She is a member of the lady's club at Grant Avenue Elementary and she has seven ladies over for a luncheon in "Beaver's Monkey". Typical of the era, June hides the front door key in the mailbox in "The Bus Ride" and the key in the mailbox is mentioned again in "Borrowed Boat." In "Ward's Millions" June confesses that, in order to make the checkbook balance, she wrote a check for $8.69 and then tore up the check. June played George Washington in school in "Wally's Play." And in "Wally And Alma" June's says that her mother, after seeing Helen Hayes in Antony and Cleopatra, gave her special dramatic lessons and voice courses and worked behind the scenes to get June the lead in the school play when June was 15. When June was 16 Ward gave here an orchid and had to sell his stamp collection to do so. She attended boarding school, where she was the Captain of the basketball team. At this school she told the kids that her mother was a famous actress, and later in "Beaver And Kenneth" she told the girls at boarding school that her uncle was John Boles and would even write herself letters signing them "Uncle John." She spent summers with Aunt Martha Bronson in "Mother's Day Composition" and was fired from a job at a department store where sold books. In this episode we also learn that she work at the USO (United Service Organization) in Mayfield and she won a blue bathing cap at a swim meet. June has been to see the opera Lucia in New York with Freddie Rice and saw a fight in Madison Square Garden, in "Beaver's Big Contest." June's Grandfather was a professor and she had an uncle that was a judge in "Beaver's IQ." June Cleaver is played by Barbara Billingsley.