There have been SO many people that are asking the same question
over and over, I decided to write this FAQ.

I hope that it will be of some help:



Where can I get Leave It To Beaver on Video?

Currently there are two seasons commercially available through LITB. There are



Where in the United States did the Cleaver's live?

The Cleavers resided first at 485 Maple Drive in Mayfield USA (Although several times
it was refered to as 485 Mapleton Drive.)
Later they moved to 211 Pine St. Mayfield USA.



Where in the United States is Mayfield?

The producers of the show kept the state where Mayfield was located a secret.
Actually Mayfield had no state. This was done for several reasons.
Don't ask me what they were.



What were the reasons that the state where Mayfield was located was kept a secret?




What was Ward Cleaver's Occupation?

Here again the producers of the show kept Ward's occupation a secret.
On purpose. So you wouldn't know.



Did Harrison Ford ever appear on Leave It To Beaver?

Harrison NEVER appeared on Leave It To Beaver.
He was not acting at all at that time in his life. The actor that looks *VAGUELY* like
Ford was Buddy Hart, son of actor John Hart (The Lone Ranger for a short while,
substituting for Clayton Moore). Buddy, who played Chester Anderson, as far as I know,
has never acted in anything before or since. Here are some proofs:

It is obvious these are two different people.



What was the reason Barbara Billingsley wore a pearl necklace all the time?

According to Jerry Mathers, with whom I spoke in 1982, Barbara was self-conscious
about a deep wrinkle in her neck that looked like a tracheotomy scar.



Why does the guy who wrote "Cult TV" say the reason was that Barbara Billingsley had a skinny neck?

Maybe this is what Barbara told him. I don't know. But Jerry Mathers said: (see above)



Where can I get an episode guide?

This may tick a few people off but I do have an episode guide.
But at this time I am not willing to part with it. As many of you know, I have written a
book that will include an episode guide listing Title, Writer, Director, Original Airdate,
complete cast listing and a VERY brief (1 to 2 sentences) synopsis of each episode.
What makes this episode guide a bit better than others is that it is accurate
and in the order that the episodes appeared when they were first shown.
The episodes that are being shown lately are way out of sequence.
TVLand doesn't even have all the episodes listed, let alone in the correct order.
There is a listing of all episodes at Tim Schmidt's Leave It To Beaver Page.

If I were to simply post the episode guide on this WebSite it would devalue the book
greatly. The book is crammed full of just about every bit of trivia that could be
extracted from each episode. It is in encyclopedic form and would be excellent for
playing games and radio station trivia contests etc. Look for it to be available soon.

You can purchase the book HERE



Where are (various cast members) now and what are they doing?

I think that many people get the wrong impression about
The 1st Leave It To Beaver WebSite. I am not in any way involved with the people who
created, produced, wrote, or had/have anything to do with the original
Leave It To Beaver show. Everything that is contained within the pages of this Site
was gathered over a period of 20 years (off and on). It is information that anyone
could have assembled if they had taken the time and pains that I have.

I am mostly interested in the series and not so much in the actor's personal lives.
I think it would be great if any or all actors that were in the original series were to give
me some sort of bio that I could post but I don't see that happening in the near future.
But here is one little tid bit that you might find interesting: Jerry Mathers released
his autobiography later this year (1998). He explained alot about fellow actors and
actresses in his book.


Well, The last entry here needs updating as I have been in contact with quite a number of the cast.
Since the inception of The First Leave It To Beaver WebSite away back in 1996, I have received emails from:

So it has been a kick, but I still don't intend to do full-blown Bios on each castmember.


As more questions arise this FAQ will continue to grow. Keep those E-mails coming.