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Here are some cool pictures
of the Cleaver Clan
(and other stuff)


Beaver and Skull


  Jerry Mathers on TV Guide Jerry autographed this issue for me in 1981.   The Cleavers
Here's Eddie and Lumpy on The Big Dipper Roller Coaster.


  And here's Beaver who's really havin' a ball.
  The 1960 book "Leave It To Beaver" by Beverly Cleary
And the 1961 book "Here's Beaver!" by Beverly Cleary   The 1961 book "Beaver And Wally" by Beverly Cleary   Here is a pic of Majel Barrett as Fred Rutherford's wife, Gwen.

More Pictures


The latest sounds are:

This is a song that I recorded off The Dr. Demento Show
back in the 80's (I think). It's called
"Leave It To Beaver"
and was performed by a group called One Foot In The Grave.
Dr. D even says so at the end of the song. Interestingly he also
says that he gets many requests for the song but searching through
the Dr. D playlist over the past years there is no other mention of
this song. I have requested that the song be played on Demento's show to no avail.
What's more I contacted the only band that I could ever
find with the name One Foot In The Grave and they say that it wasn't
them. Does anyone know
*anything* about this song?

Also here are the lyrics as far as I can make out. I must
apologize for the poor quality of this recording but it was the best
I could do at the time. If you can understand the lines I have indicated
not knowing, please write and tell me.


Marcus Tee




Here is another Beaver piece I recorded off an album by my FAVORITE radio station KISW.
It's called "
Leave It To Beaver 1980" and suprisingly enough it was recorded in 1980!


Ward Cleaver

June Cleaver


Beaver Cleaver


Wally Cleaver


Eddie Haskell


Larry Mondello

Gilbert Bates


Other Stuff




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