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Now that The Complete Leave It To Beaver Trivia Encyclopedia has been out for some time we thought you might like to know what people are saying about it.

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I purchased the e-book from Marcus and everyday I
take some time to read it. I am always pleased with it. The map is great!
Also Marcus didn't ask me to brag about his book I am doing it on my own.
I would recommend it to any fan of LITB.


(From The LITB MailList)

Dear Mark,

Thanks for the Leave it to Beaver encyclopedia! Wow! You sure did a lot of work -- I am thoroughly enjoying it. I particularly appreciate the list of episodes and when they originally ran because TVLand's schedule often gets me confused. They don't show the episodes in order and they skip over some too.


This was a Christmas present to my son. He has downloaded it now and is very pleased with it. Thanks again for all your hard work. Ron

I finally got this downloaded. Whew!! It will take me weeks to go through this mountain of information. Thanks again, Jim

I have downloaded the book and it seemed to be working ok last night.  I'm sure I will enjoy it...Thanks for all your hard work.   Sharon

Got it my man!

How exciting that you have this done! Someone will probably make a new leave it to beaver movie and use you book and make a billion dollars.

Ron B.


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