Wallace Cleaver

(Tony Dow)

As portrayed by Tony Dow, Wally Cleaver was Theodore's senior of five years. When Wally was 12 years old and in eighth grade, Beaver was 7 and 3/4 and in 2nd grade. In "The Shave" Wally claims that Chester and Eddie were older than he but that Tooey was younger. In "Wally's Test" we learn that Wally beat up Eddie Haskell in third grade. This is also where we learn that history is Wally's worst subject. In "Beaver's IQ" Ward says that Math and Science are Wally's best subjects.

Wally says that he wants to be an engineer in "My Brother's Girl" and "Beaver's Big Contest" and in "Beaver Becomes A Hero" its an electrical engineer so he can work on missiles and in "Wally's Election" Beaver says that Wally wants to be a tree surgeon. In this episode Eddie says Wally has three letters in sports and Wally runs against Lumpy Rutherford for class president. In "Beavers' Newspaper" we learn that Wally is a 1st string short stop in a game in Madison and that when Wally was 11, Ward gave him a typewriter. Wally once ran away from home and sat at the railway station for four hours before hunger overtook him and he went back home (no one even knew he was gone). In the 8th grade Wally is convinced that he should attend Bellport Military Academy in "Boarding School." Wally's locker combination in high school was Left 10 - Right 30 - Left 11 in "Wally's Pug Nose" and we learn that his home room number was 221. This is the episode where Wally sends away for a device that claims to reshape his nose. Wally also mentions that his great grandfather was a hero in The War Between The States.

At 13 years old, Wally tries styling his hair in a jellyroll in "Wally's Haircomb." Once to impress Julie Foster, Wally grew a moustache in "The Moustache." He received his first high school letter in "Beaver, The Athlete" and ran the 440 in 58 seconds flat. Wally took Spanish as a sophomore n high school in "Teacher Comes To Dinner." In "Wally, The Lifeguard" Wally is on the football and track teams. Wally's score on the english test in "Teacher's Daughter" was "A-" Wally's interest in girls included:

Mary Ellen Rogers
Alma Hanson
Penny Jamison
Gloria Cusick
Jill Bartlett
Francis Hobbs
Myra Barker
Kitty Bannerman
Julie Foster
Margie Manners
Marjorie Muller
Evelyn Boothby
Carole Martin
Lori Anne (no last name)
Carolyn Stewart
Marlene Holmes
Kathy Gregory

When Wally was very small he thought that the wooden indian outside the drugstore was real and waiting to scalp little kids. He also thought that there was an alligator under the bed in the guest room.