Ward Cleaver Jr.

(Hugh Beaumont)

In 1918 Ward Cleaver was born in Shaker Heights to Mr. and Mrs. Ward Cleaver Sr. and raised on a farm with at least two brothers and two sisters. Ward claimed that one of his sisters would bounce rocks off of his head. June explains that Ward's father had a modern milking machine on his farm, in "Beaver's Freckles."

The brothers, one older, one younger, were referred to on occasion throughout the series. They lived on Shannon Avenue in Shaker Heights where the town gossip was Miss Hall. Ward raised prize hogs with his brothers. Beaver says that Ward was born and raised in Mayfield in "Most Interesting Character." We learn that Ward is a Junior in "Beaver's Library Book." As a kid Ward signed his own baseball.

Ward claims to have run away from home at one time. Beaver says that Ward had a hittin' father in "Beaver's Freckles" and that the only time that Ward had ever hit him was when he spilled ink on the carpet.

In the second grade Ward would carry his father's unabridged dictionary to school to strengthen his pitching arm. In the fourth grade (1927 when Lindburg crossed the Atlantic) his best friend was Chuck Tolifson. Another friend, Pee Wee Lars, would go with Ward to the local dump and shoot rats. He would read Horatio Algier and Ted Armstrong. And he claims to have had a subscription to "Weird Tales Magazine" and had seen the movie Dracula four times. He gave his mother a cactus lamp with a rattlesnake shade when he was nine or ten years old.

When Ward needed some extra cash to buy a Green Archer bow and arrow set, he arranged to wash windows for Mrs. Renton but he somehow managed to put a ladder through one of her windows. He would charge the local children to watch while his Grandfather slept because he had a beard; he made 80 cents doing this.

In Junior high school Ward placed second in the Hop, Skip, and Jump. In the eighth grade Ward had his first crush. At 13 he traveled all the way to Chicago by himself.
When he was 17 his Uncle Frank got him an autographed baseball. Uncle Frank was a ball player himself and in the episode entitled "Ward's Baseball" the ball was autographed by seven famous players: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Lefty Grove, Ki Ki Cuyler, Auggie Galand, Bill Dickey and Grover Cleveland Alexander. Larry Mondello talks Beaver into playing catch with it and the ball gets ran over by a truck. So the boys buy a new ball and sign it with the names they thought were on it: Baby Ruth, Ki Ki Gehrig and Auggie Dickey.

In High school he threw the shot put and during a football game he fumbled the ball on the one yard line. Ward was a second string halfback, in "Wally, The Life Guard."

In College he was a philosophy major and played on the basketball team and cooked for his fraternity brothers. He takes cream in his coffee.

Ward sold his stamp collection to buy June Bronson an orchid when she was 16 years old. He had a crush on a girl named Helene Quigley and in college he took Maude Higgaman to a prom and had to bribe his fraternity brothers to dance with her. He also had a girlfriend named Ginevieve Dunlap, in "Beaver's Big Contest."

Ward was a very good artist in school and could have been a commercial artist. He did all the little cartoons for the school year book in "Beaver's Poster."

During World War II Ward was an engineer in the See Bees for at least two years. While there he had a great friend named Charlie Vickers who later became one of the top architects in Chicago.

Ward has several uncles that we know of; Uncle Frank, the baseball player that we spoke of earlier, and Uncle Harry, and of course there is Uncle Billy, but one of Ward's uncles sent he and his brother a pogo stick. Never seeing one before, they would drop it off the barn to see how high it would bounce. Ward also had an Aunt Emma. At work Ward has a corner office and works with Fred Rutherford.